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events elephant & castle

The pool lounge located in the elephant and castle area is not only a place for Latinos also for those who like Latino culture, we remind you that we are in the middle of the century of globalization, and Latin music and dances have spread For all the corners of the earth, here we have the best plan to dance.

How about a night of events and celebration at elephant & castle?

They are nights of joy, passion for dance and an atmosphere so pleasant to the senses that time loses its importance in the midst of those who dance or sing or simply enjoy from beginning to end.

You are one of those people who like Latin music.Do you want to move to the rhythm of Latinos? When we gather together every weekend to enjoy music and spend quality time with friends, what better way to do it with the large number of Latinos in London?

Latin nights and special programming for you


In our bar, we have the best cross and salsa Djs in elephants and castles, where you will listen to your favorite songs and dances and sing with your friends, couples or family.

Salsero For you, we have the best sauces of yesterday and today, because as the Nightmare Song said at ocho y treinta , “There is no gozadera without sauce”

Schedule a night not to be missed

Do you think that to enjoy an incredible party or watch a football game it must be a weekend in the pool lounge, we are partying from Tuesdays onwards and enjoy.

These are just events we have prepared for you, but if you have a birthday and want to celebrate with us, you can also do it outside of special dates (such as Valentine’s Day for the British or love and friendship between Colombians and Latinos, Halloween) For celebrations and more in the pool lounge, we always have a reason to party.

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