Looking for a good pub to watch football in London?

Pub fútbol

Some Latino residents of Elephant and Castle and other area employees want to be able to enjoy a wonderful game of soccer in a friendly and playful atmosphere, accompanied by their favorite beer or wine.

Come and meet the pool lounge, this is a bar where football and friends are the perfect complement to watch the different football league matches.

At the pool lounge, we have the staff and football environment you need. Contact us to know the games that you can see in our facilities.

The pool lounge the best pub to watch football

pub fútbol

England is the birthplace of this exciting game, and most British bars have screens where you can at least watch the Premier League. However, the afternoon soccer game requires a special environment to enjoy, we provide you with an ideal environment to watch the soccer game.

Sports pub in london

Our pub has pool tables so that our clients can enjoy a sporty atmosphere.

The pool lounge provides the atmosphere to watch a good football game or simply leave behind the worries that work and modern life bring to our lives; while having one of our excellent drinks amid laughter and friends. Learn more about our Sports Pub.

Pub fútbol

What makes us different from other pubs?

The pool loungue is not only a sport, we have a wide variety of liquors from different countries for all tastes.

Our cocktail drinks are as diverse in flavors as there are Latin flavors in the world, from preparations with tequilas, anise liqueurs (spirits) to whiskey, the taste of a Chilean wine and a vodka among many more.

Your Latin American or English consumer visiting the pool lounge sport bar regardless of nationality, everyone is welcome; inside we have the best passionate soccer environment of Latinos that can excite the most nostalgic and sad customer within the premises.

Hours of Operation

And if you don’t like football, come and discover a warm atmosphere and the excellent music that we offer you during our hours from Tuesday to Sunday.

The best time to watch, enjoy or celebrate football

Tuesday – Thursday and Sunday: from 5pm to 10pm

The schedule of soccer, sport or Latin party.

Friday and Saturday: from 5 pm to 6 pm

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