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Bar pool

In the pool lounge we have a billiard room for those who are passionate about a sport with European origins in the 18th century and who like a comfortable and private traditional British atmosphere. Where the player can deploy their creativity using the correct or perhaps creative strategies to win the game.

Pool's room

Our billiard room has several pool tables suitable for the most demanding athlete, both in quality, space and attention that characterizes us, you will also find friendly, competitive people and we offer multiple liquors for all palates.

Billar pool

In The Pool Lounge our staff is trained to facilitate the game, from the pool tables, the favorable drinks that accompany the healthy competition between colleagues, friends and perhaps challenge each other between clients regardless of whether they know each other or not and they will say: “here we come to play and enjoy this great sport. “

All this with different objectives, no matter who the challenger and the opponent are.

The reasons why they come to practice billiards pool are different, some of them are:

  • Conquer that person who attracts you.
    Make the environment more pleasant during a negotiation
    Make new friends
    Clear the mind of the challenges or difficulties of modern life
    Enjoy regardless of whether or not you are an expert

    In The Pool Lounge each experience is different, on each occasion, the music is in perfect harmony in an afternoon of unforgettable games and sports.

    Our bar wants to guarantee you an environment conducive to your game, and how we can achieve it we make reservations for you and your group of friends.

Billiard pool styles

There are two styles of pool billiards in our bar, you choose the one of your preference: American or English style.

American style

billar pool

American billiards is played on a table with bags located in 6 parts of it. There are 16 balls (a cue ball is called a throwing ball and the remaining 15 balls are numbered from 1 to 15):

  • Balls 1 to 8: called “smooth”, “small” or “whole”, painted in a single color.
  • Balls from 9 to 15: called “stripes”, “large” or “tall”, they have only one colored stripe.

There are many ways to play, let’s talk about the most common:

8 balls

Use 16 balls for the game.

Each player receives 7 balls (numbers from 1 to 7 or “smooth”, numbers from 9 to 15 or “stripes”).
You must enter the 7 of the group in the pockets and then the number 8 (black).

In the event of a missed shot, two rules are used:

The player places the cue ball wherever he wants behind the shooting line and then takes a normal shot.

Ball in hand: The player places the ball or sphere where he wants and takes a normal shot.

9 balls

You can use the numbered balls from 1 to 9 and white balls for the game.

  • The objective is to fit the one marked with the number 9.
  • Keep in mind the rules, they say that you must first touch the one with the lowest value.
  • To win the game, you can embed any ball in the bag, even a 9, as long as you touch the correct ball first.

14.1 (continuous)

Use all the balls.

All balls have the same value and any of them can be pocketed.

For each ball that is pocketed, as long as you continue to put it in and there is no foul, the player can continue play.

The game is developed by setting a value, which is the number of points to be achieved.

And you wonder what happens if there is only one numbered ball on the table and the goal has not been reached? Then the other balls must be returned in the triangle to the starting point and the game starts again.

English style

English billiards (or 8 Ball) is a variant of billiards, which is played on a table that is smaller than a pool table.

The diameter of the ball used is also smaller.

Use 16 balls:

One target, shooting call,
The black with the number 8 is called an object ball,
7 red balls and 7 yellow balls.
Officially it is played in pairs.

At the moment of breaking, 14 colored balls were combined into a triangle at a precise location.

The shot ball must be behind the starting line.

The player who plays the ball (white), as long as it is effective, scatters the balls around the table, chooses the color he wants to play and the opponent keeps the other.

From that moment on, the objective is to put balls of all colors in the pockets and then put the black ball directly or indirectly in any pocket.

Duties and fouls:

Once the colors have been assigned, each player must first touch a ball in their group with a shot ball (white).
After hitting the ball, at least one ball must touch the court or bag.
It is a foul to pocket the cue ball.

Any foul must be a free throw: the opponent may move the shot ball behind the starting line or leave it in place.

You can hit any ball first and then you can put any ball in the bag (if you haven’t packed all the balls in the bag, subtract the black ball). After the free kick, play again and continue to do so according to the usual rules.
Some fouls will result in a permanent loss of the game. is about:

Embed the black ball before your 7 colored balls.
Embedding the black ball in the bag committing a foul.

And after seeing the billiard pool classes that you can enjoy in our bar, you want to play a game. Make your reservation here

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