When Friday comes, the weekend starts and the body knows it, therefore, it is time to indulge the body with a good Latin party in the best bar near London Bridge: The Pool Lounge.

If you are Latin in London and you are looking to remember your musical roots and partying in the company of friends, partner or co-workers, visit us because we are your bar near London Bridge station.

Latin music rhythms that sound in the best bar near London Bridge

As Latinos are rumberos by nature, each country has its own culture and musical heritage.

Next we are going to tell you some of the most important Latin rhythms so that you know a little about them:


It is one of the most popular rhythms at the moment. It is a mixture of sounds that have their origin in Jamaican reggae and dancehall.

Its greatest exponents are in Puerto Rico and Colombia, such as Daddy Yankee, JBalvin, Don Omar, Niky Jam, Maluma, Wisin, Yandel and many more artists


This musical rhythm, the national symbol of the Dominican Republic, is delicious to dance, spin and not let go of your partner all night!

It is special for beginners because of its easy steps, although the laps have their complexity, but with a little practice you can become an expert.


This musical rhythm is also very typical of the Dominican Republic and is born within its urban folklore.

Its greatest exponents since the 60s have been Juan Manuel Calderón, Luis Segura, Leonardo Paniagua, Victor Victor, Juan Luis Guerra, Romeo, Aventura and many more.


It is a mix of musical genres influenced by Caribbean, Afro, Cuban music, Latin rhythms and jazz.

There are different styles of salsa such as: the hard or heavy sauce, the timbalera, the romantic sauce, and others.


It is a typical Colombian rhythm, where love and heartbreak are sung. There is a romantic vallenato and a more handsome one, which is why it is perfect for a night of rumba or conquest.

There are many other Latin musical rhythms that we do not mention because our post would be very long,

We invite you to consult more information about it, and especially to visit us at the best bar near London Bridge so that you can dance all the rhythms.

What do we offer in the best bar near London Bridge?


As we have already reiterated on several occasions, we are a Latin bar in London where you can enjoy the best Latin musical rhythms such as salsa, vallenato, merengue, reggaeton and much more to dance the night away.

In some moments other rhythms may sound to sing and drink like the ranchera. At any time we guarantee that you will want to spend your weekends again.

We can also offer you a wide variety of Latin liquors and drinks so that you remember:

  • that flavor of Cuban rum
  • the anise of Antioquia brandy
  • the wine of Chilean grapes
  • the exquisite old rum from caldas
  • the delicious tequila
  • and in addition to being the bar of cocktails near London Bridge.

The attention is unbeatable. If there is something that characterizes Latinos, it is their happiness and good service, so you will find this and much more.

The atmosphere cannot be better, the location of the place, the space, the lighting, the sound, the schedule, the possibility of reserving spaces such as pool tables or decoration of tables for birthday celebrations and other events.

This and much more characterizes us as the best cocktail bar near London Bridge, the best sports bar near London Bridge and in general the best Latin bar in London.

Remember to reserve your pool tables, or your favorite table if you go partying and also with many friends so that your entry to the place and your space can be guaranteed on the date you want.

Additionally, tell us if you have any special request to be able to assist you as you deserve it.

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