If you are looking for a good pool bar near London Bridge, you have come to the right place because The Pool Lounge is an excellent place to enjoy pool billiards with your friends and acquaintances.

What is billiards?

Basically, billiards is a game that is based on pushing balls with a cue on a table.

The foundation of this game is to hit the balls against the bands and between themselves, using the cue, to which chalk is applied every so often so that the play is more precise and does not slide on the ball.

Regardless of whether you are an expert or not, we are ready to welcome you with open arms to encourage you to play pool near London Bridge.

Billiard types

There are different styles or modalities of billiards that you should know to be able to play as an expert.

French billiards (or carom). Three balls are placed on the cloth table: two white and one red.

The idea is that the player drives a ball and collides it with the other two, in which case it would be a carom and the same player continues; otherwise, the other player continues.

American billiards or pool. This is played on a table that has 6 holes and usually 15 balls numbered from 1 to 15, seven of them striped, seven smooth and one black (number 8).

The objective of this game is to insert the balls into the holes, but doing it according to the value of each one. This game has many more rules, which we will not go into detail in this post.

Other styles of billiards are Spanish and English billiards, which also have their own rules.

Billiards, quite popular from generation to generation

If you are a little older, surely billiards and other traditional games can bring to mind beautiful memories of adolescence where you shared with your friends and schoolmates, possibly after class, or even escaped from class to do a few caroms.

Those memories are priceless and at The Pool Lounge we can make you relive those beautiful memories.

If you are from younger generations, you may just be getting to know this fun and entertaining game.

We assure you that when you meet him you will want to play again and again and much more if you do it in the company of your friends or people who make you a very good company.

We are waiting for you then at The Pool Lounge so that you can have fun like never before in our pool bar near London Bridge.

What can we offer you as a pool bar?

The Pool Lounge is a pool club on London Bridge where you can find excellent pool tables to play and enjoy with your friends, you will also have a great atmosphere and great customer service.

Enjoy a large billiard room, London Bridge and dare to challenge your friends and play the different types of billiards that will be quite fun and entertaining, book now with us!

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